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Goodwin International has developed the most technically advanced Dual Plate Check Valve available...

Goodwin Check Valves are available in 5 basic body styles: Wafer, Flanged, Solid Lug, Buttweld end, Hub end, and in an extensive range of sizes, pressure classes and materials.

Its principal features are those of it being Retainerless as standard, i.e. no body plugs, and its patented "slim" plate design giving improved flow efficiencies and superior metal-to-metal seating shut-off. The Goodwin Check Valve embodies other performance enhancing features such as Plate Shock Bumpers, Independent Plate Closing Action and heel lift (Seat Life).

picture of wafer type brWafer - BR
Solid Lug - BSR
Hub-Ended - BHR

Flanged - BFR
Buttweld End - BWR
Buttweld End - BWA