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Complimenting the Goodwin Dual Plate Check Valve range, the Goodwin Axial Check Valve expands the range of Goodwin non-return applications to more severe and critical duties.

In applications where forward flow can very quickly turn into reverse flow, ie high system decelerations, non-slam check valves are essential. Non-slam check valves are designed to react to the high deceleration rates by closing very quickly, prior to the reverse velocity reaching damaging levels. With a combination of a lightweight closure member, spring assistance and a very short amount of disc travel, the Goodwin Non-Slam Axial Check Valve is extremely responsive, closing in a fraction of a second. This ensures that reverse velocity does not increase to levels that can cause surge damage or reverse flow though pumps and compressors, both of which can be very costly to the user.

The Goodwin axial Check Valve is available in 2 closure member designs dependent on size. Solid disc for sizes 1" through to 10" and the Ring disc design in sizes 12" and above. The Goodwin axial design uses no soft parts and is therefore inherently fire-safe. Also as there are no wearing parts, it is maintenance free. The springs are sized according to the flow rates to ensure that the valves are in the fully open position during normal use. This minimises cycling of the spring, giving the valves a long design life without regular maintenance.

Solid Disc axial Check Valve

Ring Disc axial Check Valve

Technical Catalogue (9.9MB)

Goodwin Dual Plate Check Valves Extract (4.2MB)